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July 3, 1999.

My Dearest Most Darling Andrea,
    How I Love Thee, Let me count the many many ways. I
Love Thee From Morning, I Love Thee 'til Night falls. I Love Thee When thou art feeling bad, I Love Thee When thou art smiling. I Am In Love With Thee For Always. You Are My Sweet. You Are My Sunshine. You Are The Reason I Wake
Up Each Day. Thou Art The Very Essence Of That Which Is Good In My Life. Thou Art My Soul Mate & Best Friend & The One Whose Hand I Do Reach For First. And Thou Art My Lover & Companion, The One Who I Can Depend On To Soothe The Hurts Of The Day Away. I Am Your Lover & Best Friend. I Am Your Shoulder To Lean On & The One To Whom You Turn To When You Are Feeling Bad. I Am Your Soul Mate & I Am The One Who Holds Your Heart To Guard It With My Very Life. I
Am The One Who Will Spend The Rest Of My Life Loving & Adoring Thee. I Love You Andrea! I Love You Most Profoundly.

    Your Jim & I Am & Always Shall Be Your Most Devoted & Tender Lover