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My Dearest Most Darling Andrea,
    How do I begin? I know not where to begin but by one simple way....that is to say first, I Love You My Dearest Most Darling Andrea! And try as I may to move about the daily task of just living, all my thoughts, my emotions, my love, my pain, my soul, my emptiness & my loneliness for the touch of my very best friend all lead back to you! I have tried to do what I thought was the honorable thing, to back away for fear of your being hurt. I have tried to honor that request once again when your mother asked me to back away.........and yet my nights are still filled with extreme emptiness.
    I still awake, when I do sleep, only to reach out for you! My sleep is fitfull at best and I find myself tired and confused.....confused at why two people this much in love can't seem to be together. You and I are magic together, there is no denying that! Not only physically, but as a couple with so much love to give and share and grow old together. Then why is this happening? I ask myself that question over and over again.
    The boys love you honey, they continually ask about you. And I don't know what to tell them. I am at such a loss for words that I have to just turn away from them for fear they see the emotion in my face. They know why I am so sad, they sense the anguish I go through, but don't know why it is happening. There is no other and has not been another in my life since you! There never will be, I am bound to you. You are my soulmate for the rest of time. You are my best friend and confidant' and my lover in whom I entrust my heart, my soul, my essense, my being. No other woman holds sway over me as you do.
    Oh My Darling, I miss you in such profound ways I cannot begin to describe it. You took up residence in that special place, that place you know, that place where only you reside in my being, in my heart and it is with you and you alone I give such a place. I need your warmth, your tenderness next to me. I need your kiss, that kiss only you and I can share. I need your hand in mine, you doing what you do with my hand that only you can do. I need to enter the room and see my Juliet, and with one glance, we know where we are in each other's essence.
    Come back to me My Sweet, My Juliet, My Very Best Friend, My One and Only, My Andrea.
Please come back, not just because I Love You. But come back to me because your heart demand's it of you! I will never hurt you, nor will I ever want to own you! I want to love you, rest in your presence and spend my days in adoration of you as only I can do. You are all I want, you are the only woman of my dreams. You are My Sweet and I am Your Romeo, your best friend and lover and as always, I Am and I Always Shall Be Your Most Devoted and Tender Lover.
I Love You Most Profoundly,
Your Jim