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July 30, 1999

My Dearest Most Darling Andrea,

To say that I Love You Is Not Enough, My Angel. To Say That I Will Miss You Is Not Adequate. To Say That I Need You, My Dear Sweet Andrea Is Not Saying What I Really Feel To The Core Of My Being. But To Say That I Love You Most Profoundly Is Closer To The Mark. To Say That Every Fiber Of My Being Will Be Lost Til You Return Is A Reflection Of My Heart. To Say That I Ache For You & That My Need For You Sustains My Life.

It seems that as each day goes by, my Love For You Grows & Grows To dimensions that are immeasurable. And that each time I am forced to leave you, becomes harder still with each hour that passes by. We are a match made in Heaven, My Sweet. I knew that from almost the moment we met & surely by the first glance....when at that moment our eyes met & the windows to our souls became windows to our love for each other. And each time I look into your eyes I see the Most Beautiful Woman On Earth, the one person I want to spend the rest of my life with.

Our future looks bright, My Andrea, as I ponder what we have to look forward to. I may not be able to offer you riches, though I wish I could, but I offer you myself. With an undying devotion to you I promise to Love & Cherish you all the days of my life. I will never leave you nor hurt you, but I will instead give you all I have & all that I am. All I ask of you My Darling Andrea is that you continue to love me & hold me near to your heart.

As we plan our future in the countryside I am filled with excitement. I can think of no other person I would rather be with to live out my life. To share in raising OUR children & to show them the Love that we enjoy is surely the finest God given privilege I can think of. I am excited at the prospect of walking hand in hand with the absolute Love of my life, My Soul Mate, My Lover & Best Friend. Where can we possibly go wrong? Only if we allow too much time to pass before we put our hearts under the same roof. I look forward to that approaching day when at last we share the same love nest. When at the end of the day we can rest in each other's arms to awaken the next morn still embraced.

As I sit here wondering what you must be thinking, I feel your presence even now, as you are on your way to Kansas. I sense your missing me as I miss you. I know you are as I, longing for that simple touch we share, the warm embrace, the tender but passionate love making we communicate through. And I know that you are adrift in thoughts about US & wondering why you should go. But I tell you this, it will be US making those trips in the future. It will be US who drive as a family filled with love & happiness.

As you spend these next days without me & I without you, I will be ever mindful of what God has done for me. And that I am thankful for Him bringing you into my life. I know now that nothing on this earth can keep us apart, that we were destined for each other. I will try to focus on that rather than my loss of being without you. But who am I fooling? No-one I suppose. God I am going to miss you, I already do. And I am not ashamed to admit that. But I am going to pray that He watches over you & protects you & brings you home safe to me, My Dearest Most Darling Andrea. So let us look to the future with great hope & how happy we will be. That day approaches soon when we shall be together, for all of eternity.

I Love You Andrea! I Love You Most Profoundly,

Your Jim & Your Most Devoted & Tender Lover