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07/17/99 2:50 am

Oh My Love, My Dearest Most Devoted & Tender Lover,

    I had the most wonderful day today. Thank you for that. I so enjoyed the morning. And had such a peaceful day!!! And then such fun skating!!!

    I love the boys. It means a great deal to me that they like me. I did get the most wonderful feeling when Christopher said that I knew them better than there Mother, yet also saddened me that they haven't received that from their mother. I'm glad I can give them what they seem to be lacking. It made me feel really good when James said that he "might" have missed me a little. It was nice when we were getting ready to leave the WH and it seemed as though James didn't want us to go. He must get that from you!!! I will be glad when the day comes that he doesn't have to go. He wanted to come stay the night. He said he didn't want to go to the meet. When they get back from their aunt's they are more than welcome to come spend the night. Would really be great if you could spend the night too!!! I could put you in the closet! Ahna is so excited about Timothy. At first she was mad cause he didn't come but when James told her that he had wanted her phone number she was all excited again!!! Hollie was so tickled that James danced with her. It is so nice that they all get along so well. Well Except for the fact that Nathan has such a hard time with more than one at a time. I am trying to work on that. Time I know will make it better. I think maybe it's because he has never really been around more than one at a time. Other than when we go to my brothers...but there again he actually is with just Lucien and not the girls. He will get adjusted to it. He was a little better towards me at the skating rink tonight. I don't think the jealousy was there as much. Well I have just been babbling on and on. I guess I had better get my but to bed. I have lots and lots of cleaning to do tomorrow. At least my room won't take near as long as the bathroom. Or at least I hope it doesn't!!! I hope to at least get my room, the utility room and the dishes and floors done and I have got to mow tomorrow too!!! Well again...I had a most wonderful day!!! I Love You Most Profoundly. The only thing missing today was Timothy!!! It would have been great if Samantha could have gone with us too!!! Well I better get going as it is almost three o'clock. Yall have a great meet!!! Hope the boys do their best!!! Ahna said to tell Timothy Hi!!! That she sure was looking forward to seeing him and that she hopes to hear from him and to see him the next time we all go skating! Okay well Night night.

Love Andrea