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August 17, 1999

My Dearest Most Darling Andrea,

I Love You Most Profoundly, My Sweet! You are all that I could ever wish for & all that I will ever need. I Shall Love & Adore Thee All The Days Of Our Lives. I do so look forward to the next fifty years with you, My Sweetness. Spending that time walking hand in hand. Whether it be raising our boys, or simply clearing the land, knowing that you will share that space with me simply puts me in awe of the Love we share. The depth & breadth of which seem boundless, and yet continues to grow to dimensions unknown. Love me now, My Dear Sweet Andrea, Love Me Forever and we shall accomplish much in our walk together through life. For I Am & I Always Shall Be Your Most Devoted & Tender Lover. Your Jim, Your Romeo, Your Stud Muffin & The One In Whom You Have Entrusted Your Heart.