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July 29, 1999

My Dearest Most Darling Andrea,

I must confess to you, My Angel, That I Will Miss Thee More Than I Can Express. I have come to the conclusion that any time I spend without thee is lonely indeed. I must confess also that if I had my wish, that you would not go on this trip, My Love. Selfish of me I suppose, and yet I am not ashamed of that feeling. I want you by my side whenever possible.

God How I Love Thee, Let Me Count The Many Many Ways... Too Many To List, I Am Certain. I Love Thee For Thy Smile, I Love Thee For Thy Warmth, I Love Thee For Being There, I Love Thee For Being My Best Friend, I Love Thee As My Lover, I Love Thee For Thy Laugh, I Love Thee For Being So Attentive Of Me, I Love Thee For Loving My Children, I Love Thee For Thy Wisdom, I Love Thee For Thy Warm Kisses......I Can Go On & On. I Love You Andrea, What More Can I Say?

As you spend your days & nights while I am not with you, I pray that you think of me as much as I think of you. And when you are thinking of me, think of my arms as they are wrapped around you & of my passionate kisses that say I Love You More Than Life Itself. Think of our laughter when we last met & of our touching & our cuddling, where our skin touches & I am so charged when I feel your warmth touch mine. Think of that moment in time when you held me so tight & I you, when you cried & told me how much you love me & need me......& how deeply that moved & touched my soul to it's innermost core. Think of me & how we are planning our future together as I do everyday at every waking moment. Think of me when you think of our lovemaking & just how passionate it truly is & how my greatest regret will be in not having my babies with you, My Best Friend, My Lover, My Companion, My Juliet, My Jane, My Superwoman, My Angel, My Sweetness, My Sweet, My Baby, My Baby Doll, My Sunshine, My One True Love & Most Of All, My Dearest Most Darling Andrea In Whom I Entrust My Heart & She Hers For All of Eternity.

You are my Love & I am yours. That is the most wonderful & secure feeling I have ever experienced in my life. You have touched my soul, you are part of my soul & I feel your presence all of the time. Our essence is so sweet, I can take a deep breath & I am there with you & you me at any time of the day. And yet I will miss you profoundly as you leave my side for those few days.......those few days which will surely seem as eternity, My Sweet. Come back to me, My Love, Come back to me quickly, as I will surely be insane without your presence. Most of all, come back to me so that we may continue our walk together down life's path, hand in hand, heart in heart, soul with soul & the essence of who we are together when our eyes gleam with what surely must be said of us, that we are deeply & madly in love. That where one is the other must surely be. Where my heart may be complete.

And Honey, Did I Tell You How Much I Love You? Just in case I did not, I Love You With A Depth & Breadth That Cannot Be Measured With Simple Terms Or Words. I Love You Beyond Measure & I Need You, I Want You & I Will Miss You. I look forward to the next fifty years with you, My Andrea, because I Love You With All My Heart & Soul.

How to close this letter I am not sure. I must however If I am to give it to you before you leave. Please be safe, please take your pills & your vitamins. And don't forget to call me, My Sweet.

I Love You Andrea, I Love You Most Profoundly,

Your Jim, Your Lover & Best Friend & The One In Whom You Have Entrusted Your Heart.