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April 17, 1999

My Dearest Most Darling Andrea,

I have thought and read, thought and read much, your note to me, and I am in such awe of it's message to me that I am overwhelmed with emotion over it's content. Though much of it short and to the point it is in the final closing thoughts I seem to go back to, over and over. I think about the conversations of Friday and Saturday and am so moved that I can hardly function......I have come to a conclusion that I am sure that you share with me and that is that I literally hold your heart in my hand as you hold mine in yours.... This brings me to but one sane conclusion in this frenzied world, and that is that I have an awesome responsibility. I then must ask myself, am I able to handle that responsibility?

I have never known this level, no this depth and breadth of love before now, and I can only say this. I love you without compromise, I love you without exceptions, I love you without pretense, I love you and because of who you are, plane and simple. I have watched in recent times my whole way of life, my normal drab life be turned upside down. Things I would never have dreamed possible are now coming true. I find my waking moments now consumed with thoughts of you and constant planning of ways I might see you, even if only briefly. I go to bed with you on my mind and I wake up with you on my mind. I rush to check my messages often and I constantly check to make sure that my phone is on so that I miss not one call from you, my most precious lover. Does this seem familiar to you? I believe so and I am so very very thankful for it.

Then the question remains, am I able to handle the responsibility of your heart in my hand and I, after much contemplation and soul searching, have come to the only rational conclusion possible. Yes, you are the one I love so profoundly and so deeply. I am asking you then, no I beg of you, never give up on our love and allow me the privilege of keeping your heart in my hand. Trust me and you and I somehow, someway and someday we will see our love come to fulness. I can think of no other person I want to be with for eternity than you, and I find myself planning everything for the future around you. In case you have not figured this out, you have had quite an impact on my life.

In conclusion, I just wanted to say, you are the reason I am not lonely at night and you are the reason I look forward to the future now. It is in you I place my love and my trust and I trust you have done the same, my darling Andrea. (That makes me feel so proud to say those words) I hope this note finds you in good thoughts about me and brings a smile to your face as this Sunday winds to a conclusion. I will as always look forward to our time the next day whether at WH or wherever we find ourselves. Be my love always and I you.

I Am and Always Shall Be Your Most Devoted Lover,

Your Jim