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March 02, 1999

To My Sweetness,

When you do find this, and I pray it is your eyes only, I only wish That in some way I could express the way that I truly feel. You are and I believe always will be the greatest treasure sent my way. Without you having come into my life, my life surely would have meant much less.

I am sure that I have been blessed in many ways in my life but none more than the day that I met you. Our time together may be limited by circumstances outside of our control, but I choose that over not seeing you at all. If I must steal a few moments here and a few moments there to see you on those terms, then steal those few moments I must.

I would that I could do for you the proper thing and that is to be there at every waking moment to soothe the hurts, to nibble on your earlobes, to kiss the nape of your neck, to make wild passionate love with you. But that seems to not be our lot in life. If you choose to grant me personal audience, then I will cherish every morsel in time that I am granted to be in your presence, with every physical touch long remembered.

Please receive this letter well and think me not a fool but rather a devoted one to seeing you as happy as is possible in life. Your love is what I do desire to have on whatever terms we must. I am your greatest admirer and most trusted devotee.

I Love and Cherish You,

Your Jim