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November 20, 1999
My Juliet
I Love Thee My Sweet

  This Page Is Lovingly Dedicated To The Absolute Love of My Life, My Andrea, In Whom I Entrust My Heart & Soul. I Love You Andrea!!! I Love You Most Profoundly!!! And yes, I do promise that I shall never tell you good-bye again as long as we both shall live. We are now and always shall be soulmates.
    Our story with many twists and turns. But
I am reminded of what we have had and what exists between us still. That very "connection" if you will, that is there surely
that God might remind me of that which is good and right about US. A connection that is so alive and vibrant that I sometimes look up to momentarily see your image right before me. Smiling at me, that gleam in your eye. I will see that gleam once again, My Dear Sweet Andrea! I am confident of that.
    And again I dedicate this page to you as a way to express
my profound Love for you. I dedicate this page to you to read on those days or nights that I am not with you. I have touched each link, every word & all the music with what I feel from deep within my soul so that you will know it is from my heart to yours. Surely now more than any other time to give you that reminder, that assurance that I am still there. I await you, My Lover, My Best Friend, My Juliet, My Angel, My Dearest Most Darling Andrea. The time will surely come when someday, somehow and someway WE will be re-united for all of eternity. Until then, My Sweet, read these few pages as you go along. Read them for comfort, read them for a reminder and read them because your heart demands it.
    I have resolved in my heart, from this day forward, 'til time is no more, to be with you, to share with you, to cry with you, to laugh with you & to share our dreams, our hopes & all that is US. You are my soul mate, you are all that I could ever hope
for, you are all that I could imagine that could possibly make
me happy. It is you & you alone that I shall always reach for to be with, to touch, to hold, to kiss, to make Sweet Love with. The one & only in whom I shall always confide my deepest desires as well as my fears. In short, you are the one in whom
I want to spend the rest of my life with.
    I have long since resolved in my mind & heart that any price
I pay to be with you are insignificant in comparison to not having you. Any sacrifice is none too great to be with you. I Love You Andrea!!! I think I have known that from the time we first made eye contact. I have never been so very very sure of something as I am of Our Love. Ask me anything, My Dearest Most Darling Andrea. You are the lifeblood that courses through my veins. Ask me to stay with you through eternity. Ask me to Love, Cherish & Adore You. Ask me to always touch you & to make Sweet Passionate Love With You. Ask me to help carry
the load as my shoulders are strong & there for you to use. Ask me to walk with you side by side, holding hands as Lovers do, laughing, playing & crying as one entwined pair of souls. You see, when you cry from sadness, I feel that & I hurt so for you. When you smile & laugh, I feel that as well & I am happier then. Everything that affects you affects me, My Sweet.

    I Love You Andrea & I Am & I Always Shall Be Your Most Devoted & Tender Lover, Your Romeo, Your Stud Muffin, Your Jim & The One In Whom You Have Entrusted Your Heart & Soul To. Me.
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