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            For:       Meral

            From:    Jim

Dear Meral,
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It made me a little sad to hear you say you were lonely, So I hope this brightens your day as much as you do are a very special woman indeed & I wanted to share that with you!! As time goes by, I am sure the friendship will deepen still more & that to me is very special!! My life would have been missing something very special if I had not met you!! Have a great day today, sweetheart!! ;-))))
Friendship Rose

Just like a rose,
so precious and rare,
is the forever friendship
the two of us share.
Planted with kindness,
it's warmed by the sun
of caring and sharing,
laughter and fun.
It's grounded in trust
and nurtured by love,
with a sprinkling of grace
from God up above.
Tears of sadness and joy,
like dew, renew this friendship
I share with you.
And in the heart's garden,
we find the room to be ourselves,
to grow and bloom.
A blessing of beauty unsurpassed,
our friendship's a flower
that will always last. 

Your One & Only Jim!